Tuning Pianos and Pipe Organs

We provide pipe organ and piano tuning services to clients in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington D.C.. We are happy to tune pipe organs and pianos in the same visit.

We tune pipe organs in the European style which is not dependent on an electronic device. This is an old-school approach, but it’s better for the instrument and produces a better end result. Tuning in this manner requires real expertise, and very few people have both the hearing and skill to do it.

It is our joy to restore one piano each year but we are currently booked through 2022. If you have an exceedingly special piano in need of restoration, please inquire about a spot on our waiting list.

Xaver Wilhelmy is a qualified piano builder and offers quality tuning and restoration services. Whether a small repair or a complete rebuild is required, Wilhelmy helps clients make informed decisions about the instruments they cherish.

Wilhelmy’s hearing has been professionally tested and it remains exceptional. His knowledge and skill in tuning pianos is unsurpassed in the region.